Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Some nights she gets weepy. Like really, really weepy. Her heart aches under the thoughts that plague her active mind. Last night was one of those.

"I am just so sad" the tears began to fall.

I scoop her up in my lap, she's almost outgrown my arms but she never really will.

"Oh Julia, what's wrong?" I begin.

Sniffs and sobs. Long pauses and tight squeezes.

At long last she lets loose, "I just want you to eat vegetables and fish the rest of your life!"

"What?" I am confused.

"I just want you to be healthy so you never have to get sick and die, I want you to be with me forever!" And the flood lets loose, her hair is getting soaked in tears.

I rock her and hold her tight and reassure her that "I am right here, you are safe."

After a few minutes I try, "Julia, you know God tells us we don't need to worry about tomorrow, today is all we need."

"Oh Mom!" she throws herself into my shoulder with more sobs, "I'm NOT worried about tomorrow, I'm worried about THE REST OF MY LIFE!"

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