Sunday, June 3, 2012

There's this restaurant on Capitol Hill that makes homemade poptarts. Yes, homemade poptarts people. And you can watch them being made from the sidewalk window, in wonder and awe. And you can enjoy every last bite of them and then "suggest" that you go back every time anyone even thinks that going out to eat might be a good idea. Nevermind the 40 minute Metro ride, or the 15 minute drive to the Metro station, or the fact that the children can't focus on their dinner because "Some Like it Hot" is being projected onto the wall and has them enthralled - it's all about the poptarts, the HOMEMADE-straight-from-heaven poptarts.

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Missy said...

How fun! You should put together a travel guide for the area, you've done so many fun things as a family in the last year :)