Tuesday, May 29, 2012

She learned to email as part of a lesson in school...
this is how our exchange went today.

Good morning sweet girl,

I hope you are not too tired this morning. I want you to learn a lot in school, so keep those eyes wide open! 

I am busy in lots of meetings today. I don’t really like meetings.

Tonight I want to watch a show on TV with you all about the Queen of England. Would you like that?

I love you so much. Please be a good big sister and tell Julia that I love her, too!

Hugs to you,


Hi mommy!

I Riley don't wont to watch that video. Instead I wood love to woch tangled with you.

love, Carolyn,  but we can watch both.

When I got home from work she informed me that "Daddy made me add the last part, I really don't want to watch that show!"


Melanie J. said...

Extra credit for honesty? She is too sweet.

teresina said...

haha you've a really cute kid :D