Saturday, December 3, 2011

Wow, wow and wow. I absolutely loved our day at Mount Vernon. By far this is the most engaging, educational and well-done site we have visited so far. The museum and education center was like nothing I'd ever seen, with life-sized models, phenomenal movies, and a room for younger children to read books about Washington, dress in colonial clothes and play with toys of that era. The educational map the girls received had a puzzle that walked them through the whole site, with the promise of a 'prize' for completing the clues (the prize was a pressed penny). We saw a demonstration on how chocolate is made (who knew!?!), and toured the amazing mansion.

The girls learned a TON, I learned a TON and have a new respect for George Washington's ingenuity, and Brandon got a TON of gorgeous photos.

We even had lunch at the Mount Vernon Inn, served by a waitress in colonial-era dress with great food grown on the farm.

Fantastic day!

PS - Did you know that the Kennedy's hosted a state dinner on the lawn of Mount Vernon overlooking the Potomac? Did you know Queen Elizabeth visited Mount Vernon? It is all so darned fascinating!!!!


Missy said...

Ok, just put this on my TO-GO list! Vernon looks beautiful, thanks for the tip :)

Melinda said...

We went to Mt Vernon when Sophia was little and LOVED it! We definitely need to go back there again now that she'll be old enough to remember it...sounds like they added some new activities. :)