Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our {glorious} four day weekend began with adorable Thanksgiving place cards. Brandon's Aunt and Uncle hosted us in their lovely West Virginia home. Their grandchildren (our second-cousins) made place cards and played Polly's with the girls. Brandon and his cousins chatted about life-and-such on the back porch in the unseasonably warm weather, and I dreamily gazed on the acreage in the middle of gorgeous West Virginia and imagined something similar back home.

On Friday, back in the suite life, we trekked to Whole Foods and purchased a small tree. The girls made ornaments with felt, glitter and pipe cleaners. It was... messy. Thank you to the housekeeping staff who magically made all the excess glitter disappear.

And Saturday we headed into D.C. to see the Muppets with our good friends.
The girls enjoyed the photo props in the lobby, and the loved the movie too.

I mostly enjoyed holding sweet baby Jad as we walked through D.C.
Oh he is scrumptious!!!

Back at our friends' apartment the girls played Wii,
the mamas went shopping,
the guys watched some football,
and the baby slept.
For dinner we recreated Thanksgiving,
and I learned about the joy of roasted chestnuts (who knew?!?!)

On the Metro ride home we looked at a {Kids} National Geographic
and I said a little prayer that we not die in a fiery Metro crash
because my gosh those things sounds fast and terrible sometimes.

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