Saturday, November 19, 2011

After only two short-hours in the car we found ourselves, Friday morning, sitting on a duck boat/bus for a tour around historic Philadelphia. The girls were moderately interested in listening to the tour, and extremely interested in when they would receive their quacker-whistles.

Following the tour we spent the rest of the cool fall day checking out the sites, and enjoying authentic Philadelphia Cheese Steaks.

The girls loved (*loved*) Betsy Ross's house (no photos were allowed). We walked through the restored home, and found "Betsy" sewing a flag in her sewing room. "Betsy" was very authentic and sweet and talked to the girls about the importance of learning to sew, how much she loved Turkey Pot Pie, and how George Washington had recently come to her front door to ask her to make this flag. She also showed the girls how to quickly cut fabric stars (which was awesomely quick and Betsy should totally put that action on pinterest).

Next we headed down the street to Christ Church, where the girls' Great-Great-Great-...-Great Grandfather Robert Morris once worshiped and was buried. The girls thought it was pretty awesome to see his grave, and the pew in which he sat every Sunday. Admittedly it was a gorgeous church and the staff was very friendly. It is amazing to sit in pews hundreds of years old!

We ended the day in Elfreth's Alley which was my very favorite. "The Oldest Residential Street" in America, this street looked like it came right out of the 1700's. And you, too, can live here in one of the two homes currently for sale for a cool half-million bucks.

See all the photos HERE.

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