Tuesday, August 16, 2011


My days lately have looked a lot like limping. And thinking about all the organizing and packing I should be doing but can’t …do to the limp. Yesterday I rediscovered my favorite pair of wedge shoes (from Payless) and limped-no-more. But still, it’s hard to organize and clean in wedge shoes. So I sat, and read my new Kindle, and beckoned the children to fetch me a heating pad.

As I sat in some kind of important meeting on Monday I noticed a VP staring at my foot, covered in three or seven days of bandage residue and Vaseline along with leaky bandages and unpainted toe nails (which you could see of course due to the wedge). I decided last night to give the feet a good scrub, so I soaked my feet in Julia’s bath while she repeatedly inquired “Are you going to get blood in my bath!?! Are you going to get BLOOD in my bath Mama!?!” It took some seriously painful scrubbing but I think my mother would be pleased that I am once-again semi-presentable.

At the grocery store, where we dined on a delicious dinner of everyone’s liking of whatever-you-please-so-long-as-Hy-Vee-is-cooking-it, I reminded the girls that “Mommy needs butterfly band aids, don’t let me forget.” They were sorely disappointed to learn what butterfly band aids actually are – which is to say they are a marvel of modern medicine that hold together wounds of 22-stitches in length so the choppery can heal in record time – with nary a butterfly in sight.

We leave for Baltimore in a month or less. Sometimes I get a panicked feeling thinking about all I need to do, people I need to see, house I need to weed out before we leave – and then I remember that I just downed a frappucino during a rush-hour drive to Cubeville and the panic has nothing to do with Baltimore. I am looking forward to the adventure, but mostly not looking forward to saying good-bye to anyone. Even though it’s only for a while it’s still going to be ouchy in a choppery-ouchy kind of way, maybe I’ll limp for a while afterwards, and complain, that seemed to help with the foot.


Anna Ander said...

Dear Katie, I so hope your poor foot (feet?) will be doing better soon. No more blood in the bath! You poor thing.

Unknown said...

Limping is a good way to describe the post move pain. The goodbye's are the worst part. At least yours has an ending time....
God's best to you as you venture to the East Coast. I will no doubt think of you and your family often.