Sunday, July 31, 2011

My sister's kiddos celebrated birthdays this weekend. Nathan turns 7 1/2, Natalie 5 and Noah 4 so we partied it up at a Chuck-E-Cheese-on-steroids type place called Power Play. My children attempted a ropes coarse that required an adult to assist, lets just say they hated it and I found arm muscles I didn't know existed. Then Julia was about one-hundred-million tickets shy of any toy in the entire prize shop and so I approached the ski ball game machine with the song "I Can Be Your Hero Baby" song in my head as I saved the day by landing the 10,000 cup and dancing a strange "Boo Ya" dance in front of many concerned teenagers in incredibly tight clothing. Overall I would say it was a pretty huge success; the kids birthdays were celebrated and no one threw up - SUCCESS!

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Kari said...

Super cute pictures! Casey is skee ball champion - he would be very impressed with your clutch, day-saving skills. Also, Mallory has the same tutu that Julia is wearing in the photos - it's her fave!