Friday, May 27, 2011

Sometimes Brandon scouts out new photo shoot locations. Sometimes he takes the girls, and lets them wear whatever they want. If it's Carolyn's day to wear the brown cami then Julia will be sad but concede in her black sparkle tights and they will look beautiful in small-children terms. If its a lovely natural setting Carolyn will run free like she did on Uncle Phil's ranch in Dallas. If its in the city they won't stay long because of the risk of abductions and fast cars. If they got enough sleep the night before they will hug one another for a few pictures and say things like "you're my best sister", if they had a good breakfast they'll say it like they mean it. And if he's really lucky, Brandon will ask them to pose for a few photos to surprise mommy with when she gets home from Cubeville. If the photos are extra special (*like these*) they'll find a spot on my cube shelf.


Kari said...

Priceless! They need super hero names for the second picture. :) My favorite is the one of them leaning against the tree!

hapi said...

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