Monday, May 9, 2011

Carolyn's very most favorite thing to do is go to the center of the ice and twirl like the big girls do, and also to skate on one foot holding her other skated-foot behind her. Again, like the big girls. She is an absolute natural on the ice, and it is just fun to watch.

Julia's very most favorite thing to do is to cuddle with Mommy to distract her from the fun of watching big sister. But when Daddy reminds her that we've paid a lot of money for skates and access to the ice in the middle of a Friday afternoon, she will get out on the ice and scoot along (no longer right against the wall which is a big deal for her!)


I'm Jenn said...

And I see no more "ice walker" for Julia - hurray!

Kari said...

This brings back such good memories! I figure skated for many years, but started later than Carolyn and Julia. How exciting for them!

Lesley said...

Super cute pictures!