Monday, April 25, 2011

On selecting Easter dresses:

I made the mistake, or the wise choice, of taking the girls with me to select Easter dresses. They informed me they had two criteria: long to their feet, and pink. Thankfully, or not, the GAP had prominently placed just such a dress at the front of their store just incase it was just what my children were looking for. It was. However, it did not quite reach down to their feet as they had requested, you know, like a princess. And so they did what no woman over the age of 18 would ever do under any circumstances, they grabbed a bigger size and asked (begged) to please just give it a try on. Though it left much breathing room in the bodice, it reached nearly to their feet and they knew they had found the Dream Easter Dress of 2011. Having succumb to the Mommy Meltdown of Easter Dress Shopping 2011 I relented. The trouble of an airy bodice really was no trouble at all in my mind, however I thought it might be worth asking Grandma. When in doubt, you know? So we stopped by, and a few pins and a little thread (and much sewing wisdom) later, and they were ready with the now-fitting Dream Easter Dress of 2011.

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Kari said...

Of course they thought of that ... genius littles, you have! Good job!