Friday, April 8, 2011

The first baby in what promises to be the Year of Babies has arrived! Leisel Jane, my newest niece, spent a good long cuddle in my arms today and it was marvelous. When your kids get big and learn to wipe their own... noses... you forget what it felt like to hold all of them up in the crook of your arm. Leisel was happy to oblige my need to remember that sweet feeling, I like her already. See more pics HERE.


I'm Jenn said...

I like that - "Year of Babies" - it makes me want to scientifically research the increase in births or I could just wait for the 2020 Census results. Cute pics!

Becky said...

She is perfect! I hope BJ gets to see the pic of him with her in the window sill. I love it!