Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The text came from B at 3:48 in Cubeville:
"My worst nightmare is living itself out right now... I am about to pull a tooth"
To the photo man no prospective duty of parenthood could be worse than the loose tooth. For six long years he has dreaded the day when a dangly chunk of white calcification hung from his child's mouth into which he would have to dig deep and deliver for the Daddy of the Year award. Deliver he did. At 3:49PM Carolyn Schultz, age six, lost her very first tooth!
In approximately ten minutes the Daddy of the Year award will be solidly his as he gently and ever-so-cautiously moves her sweet head to replace the tiny tooth with a shiny dollar coin. And tomorrow morning there will be very large toothless smiles all around!


Dana said...

Awwww... so CUTE! How excited was she? Catherine (also 6) just lost her first tooth last week. I'm kind of with Daddy on the tooth-pulling thing. I can handle all of the spewing, fevers and general grossness you can throw at me. But wiggling my daughter's tooth just wigged me out! (Pun intended.)

Anonymous said...

Oh, hooray! Always so exciting for the first lost tooth, all though our younger one cried when the TF didn't leave him a single thing. So next visit she left him a toothbrush. ;)

I must say, I'm not into plucking out those baby teeth either so I wrap a piece of dental floss around the base (roots) and just pull the floss and it usually poops the tooth right out. :D

0812 Lane said...

what a big girl she is!