Saturday, January 22, 2011

This is the way I would sit all cozy under a beautiful quilt I had made, had I made one. This color block quilt from Stiched in Color is part of a whole series of tutorials for a person like me just jumping on the quilt bandwagon. I'd like to take a week off work and sit and quilt all day. I'd also like said quilting to be done in a perfectly clean, clutter-free house while a perfect Pandora playlist is heard in the background, and I'd like my jeans to not be too snug while I do all that, too. Is it too much to ask? Really?
PS - My daughter asked where babies come from tonight. And when we tried to evade her questioning she cut right to the chase, "No really Mama, WHERE does the baby come out from???" I could so use a warm quilt to take my mind off of that for a while.

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Brooks said...

thanks for that link!! i just checked out 10 books about quilting. --and well, i have zero time to start now. BUT, it's fun to dream, right?!?! ;)

maybe i don't even need a book. i love the quilt you have pictured. hmmmm.

good luck with answering carolyn's question. p asked similar questions last weekend. all i can say, is i'm glad d handled that one. . . lol