Sunday, January 2, 2011

Seven years ago we used to walk along these sidewalks, climb these steps, take tests in there, write papers across the street and study there. We would share a cheap college meal of fondue or Ramen or both down that hill. We would think life was stressful and crazy and busy. Not much has changed on the hill since we graduated four little lifetimes ago. But much has changed in seven years to show us what stress and crazy and busy really looks like. We decided our next reunion in seven more years may find us more or less stressed and crazy and busy but changed some for the better we hope.
The children, upon this initial meeting, found much to celebrate in new friendships, as we celebrated older ones. Carolyn and Peter were new bestest friends by the days end, culminating in the gifting of a dandelion on which Carolyn wished, "I wish that Peter and I could be best friends forever." And Peter replied, "Carolyn, you got your wish!"
Our friends stayed a short 24 hours and headed back towards the ocean and mountains and beautiful things we only see in movies and picture books here in KC. We were sad to see them go and hope that we don't have to wait another seven years to do it all again, again.
PS - How amazing is it that the children were wearing t-shirts at the end of December!?! Miraculous weather, though very short-lived... Back to brrrrrr....

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Brooks said...

Yay!! The pics look great! :)
Wish we were still there. . .