Sunday, January 9, 2011

Once I had a plan for a new year full of "doing". And then, on day 8 when the Christmas tree was slowly (painfully slowly) dismantled I felt overwhelmed by all there is to "do". Crafts to make, cards to write, stuff to "do" to "do to "do". And I read a post on RESOLUTIONS and I felt compelled to buy paint chips and sharpy markers, and also to make resolutions.
Not only must I "do" but I must plan to "do" and list it out, and even write the plan creativly so I can smile everytime I see the list on my refrigerator.
And I was worried about how desperate I felt the need to "do". And I began to wonder why no one else is "doing" as much as possible in every free minute. And I wondered what Glee is, because that does not seem like "doing" much at all. And I thought, "Well, aren't you just a big ball of production and not much else at all lately?" And I thought, "There must be more to do than 'do'."
I will still "do". Probably less. Maybe.
My resolution however is simply this: To wonder what to "do".


Missy said...

It's nice to know there is someone as compulsively to-do listing as I am out there.
Thank you. And good luck!

Anna Ander said...

Very good resolution. The best one I've had so far is "Be nice to yourself". That was a good year. But it feels like cheating to use that one again and again, so now I just try to remember it from time to time. Happy New Year.