Monday, January 31, 2011

Children are little theologians. Not just my children, all children. They all wonder (some out loud) where Grandma went when she died, or how God can be in Kansas City and China at the same time. They all have big questions, valid and challenging questions that many adults still grapple with.
Tonight Julia described a recent eschatological debate she had with a group of children about coming back from the dead, an argument that ended with her pronouncement that she was right and that was that (she's passionate, though not too humble just yet). Carolyn wondered whether we would all have bones when we got to Heaven. Then they both hypothesized what Heaven might be like, and how they can't wait to see Grandma again.
I try to stay on the side-lines of these discussions, careful not to burden them with too much of my own understanding. I answer their questions simply, the way my dad used to patiently do for me night after night, car ride after car ride. It is enough for me to simply enjoy listening to their questions and the spiritual wrestling that is happening inside of their growing minds.

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