Saturday, December 4, 2010

In Sunday School they used to make us Advent wreaths out of egg cartons and a little bit of clay to hold the candles in place. Man I loved that.
Our Advent time involves a little bit of candle, a little bit of nose picking (I'll just be real with you, they're not saints just kids), a little bit of Bible, and a lot of quiet. Sitting around candles and Christmas trees is good for the soul.
Then there is the "who gets to blow out the candle?" bit which tends to spoil the mood just a little, but soon there will be two so they can each blow one out.
[If you'd like a copy of the Advent guide that we are using in 2010 - email me and I'll send you a pdf of the file...]

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Matt and Jen said...

I definitely want one! I was just reading and thinking that I need to find something like that! Love you guys!