Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve comes in three parts (ok, actually four).
First up, Christmas Eve service at Lakeland, which was amazing this year. Besides the incredible music and powerful message, they also showed THIS video which made me smile. I love creativity, so so much.
Next up we head to my mom's side of the family where we feast on cheese balls and olives (for Julia). Family photos were taken infront of my Aunt's gorgeous Christmas tree, and the girls got new jammies which thrills them beyond comprehension, mostly because they would love to live in jammies (" 'cept Daddy won't let us").

We round off the family gatherings at Brandon's folks house, where Grandma read stories to all five grandkids at once and more delicious holiday food was enjoyed. The girls got adorable purses and a dollar bill from Brandon's Aunt. ("I'm going right to QT for some sweet tea!" was Carolyn's joyful response).

And then we head home. The girls open one gift, and give us our presents. We put out Santa's cookies (this year cookie dough, because they really think that's the best part anyway), and throw carrots on the lawn for the reindeer, too. Finally they wrote notes of much thanks to Santa, hung the stocking and hurried off to bed.

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Kari said...

I love traditions - old and new. Sounds like your holiday was delightful! (Wish I could find time to surf through the over 500 pictures from the last two weeks of December to post some of our fun!)