Wednesday, December 8, 2010

3 year old Carolyn looking very much like 6 year old Carolyn
Discussing show-and-tell last night over dinner...
K: How was school?
C: Well, not very good
K: Why!?!
C: Well, I got in a fight
K: ...really? What happened?
C: This girl told me that my blankie is for babies, she said "You should give that blankie to a baby! It's for babies!"
K: Oh, well what did you say?
C: No it's not!
K: And what did she say?
C: Yes it is!
K: Then what did you say?
C: No it's not!
K: Then what happened?
C: Nothing
K: That sure was some fight


I'm Jenn said...

I love this. A classic well played fight on C's behalf. Way to stand your ground girl!

Matt and Jen said...

You should show her Lucy and Linus's discussion about Linus's blanket on Charlie Brown Christmas.