Monday, November 8, 2010

Fair Trade Holiday Marts are amazing. Can we start there? My friend hosted a fantastic sale this weekend at her church in St. Louis. We drove in to help, and to sell some dolls to raise money for our friends in Juarez. People are hurting in Juarez, have I mentioned that lately? They're hungry too, so we're sending rice and beans. Not much, but something.
Friday night we set up, then celebrated birthdays with cake and homemade lasagna. Our friends treat us very well when we come to town, very well indeed. And our four girlies played... and played... and played... etc.
Saturday, while the ladies worked the show, the dads took the kidlets to the Science museum and fed them lunch at Brandon's absolute favorite place (HERE). The littles got to come see the goods for a few minutes in the afternoon and Cora fell in love with the Juarez dolls, which is good, cause her mama pre-ordered her one for Christmas (shhhh... don't tell her).

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Stacy said...

Love, love, LOVE the Science Center. We took our second-grade field trip there last year. I could go by myself and spend a decent chunk o' time. :)