Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Do you want to hear something powerful? Do you want to hear about people who are hungry and scared because they live in what some are calling the Most Dangerous City in the World. Do you want to hear about hope?
On Saturday a rice and beans dispensa program was begun in Juarez. When you think about the millions suffering just across the border, 28 families doesn't sound like much. But then I heard her voice on Saturday say, "You should have seen their eyes when we told them Katie! They couldn't believe it!"
Twenty-eight families each receiving twelve pounds of beans, six pounds of rice, hope in two cloth sacks tied up with the promise of continuing for a single year. One year, $300 a month, from a church in the suburbs of far away Kansas Ciy, just some ordinary American families hoping to learn about the suffering of others. "I am so glad they were happy" is all I could reply.
Our friend has envisioned this program for years. She's seen a need for the simple provision of food to those who are hungry, without work, living in constant fear of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or getting sick, or loosing a child to the drug lords who prey on them with promises of a better tomorrow. And Saturday her program was made real.
And Saturday, God showed up.

You see, after bagging up 28 bags of beans and rice plus two extra just in case there would be a need, the families came. She told them about the program and then began with the dispersement. One after another they lined up, took their bags of hope and headed home to a one-room pallet house with tar paper for walls and cardboard for a roof.
Twenty-eight bags delivered... and yet... when all had been served our friend found that fifteen bags remained. Bread and fish, beans and rice, God showed up in Juarez this weekend.

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LOVE this! I knew the ending and still couldn't make it through without tearing up!

Michele said...

Praise God! How awesome that God saw you pouring out your love on the people of Juarez, and He decided to pour on a little bit more. (tears for me too)

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so happy to hear this! i have goose bumps!!!