Sunday, November 14, 2010

Because Friday ended with "What time can you be in tomorrow?" I decided I had to get out the sewing machine. I find my very rudimentary sewing skills soothing on crazy weekends when I should be getting the details ready for elaborate upcoming birthday party (among other things), but instead I make felt leaf garlands and sooth my tired soul.
I used the wing pattern from THIS bird ornament which turned into lovely leaves (or creapy dismembered wings, however you want to look at it). I decided it perked up my lamp shade for now. Not quiet sure I know how to properly utilize garland at his point.
PS - While I sewed the girls completely rearranged the living room. Which was disturbing for two reasons. 1.) Their demonstration of strength cannot be recreated when it comes to picking up considerable lighter objects such as Polly Pockets. and 2.)Their strenght was likewise absent when it came time to get back to civilized arrangements again.

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Angela said...

Love the lamp and the birthday party! Your creativity is amazing. Can I be your daughter?