Tuesday, August 31, 2010

To my lovely girlies who I miss so much,
It was cold today in Utah. But the sunrise was beautiful. I thought about you.
I also thought about you when I went to Olympic Park at the top of a very high mountain. I was nervous about riding the zipline, but I remembered that my girls are brave, so I should be brave too. I rode the Zipline and it was VERY high in the sky. I took a video for you, I hope you like it. I also rode a gigantic slide that went down the side of the mountain. It reminded me of riding the water slide with you last weekend.
While I was working, Daddy climbed to the top of another mountain and got lots of pictures. He took more pictures when we went to dinner tonight, and more on the drive back to our hotel, too. There are lots of beautiful things to take pictures of in Utah.
We're having a nice time, but we will be happy to see you both when we get home. Until then, please be good for your Grandma.

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Brooks said...

glad you two are having so much fun!!! :)