Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I tried Cross Country once. To be exact it was for one week the summer before my freshman year of high school. It was on a whim, not my whim, the whim of my bestest friend. We agreed attending Cross Country Camp would be a great way to start high school off on the right foot - and my mom took me to K-Mart the night before camp to outfit this foot with stark white totally hip running shoes.
I don't share this bizarre, and brief, chapter of my life because of my shoe issues of late. Though the fact that I got all the way to Cubeville in flip-flops this morning was indeed an issue worth noting. Seeing how flimsy blue flip-flops are in NO way kosher in Cubeville, or in Cubetropolis (where the heads of Cubeville reside, and I spent much of my day). This was the kind of oversight nightmares are made of, except in a real nightmare Walmart would be closed or would only have my size in fuzzy white bunny slippers. Instead Walmart was open and had one pair of shoes, two sizes too big, but for only a mild $4 "get your head on straight next time" fee.
I digress.
My week at Cross Country Camp was anything but successful. I walked, mostly. Very slowly. And I grumbled... a lot. The young energetic coach would repeatedly encourage me with the irritating repetition of "Rome wasn't built in a day Katie". I usually was too out of breath to reply, and my reply would have probably included expletives under my breath had there been any left in my lungs, but the saying sunk in.
I thought about that today.
I thought about Rome.
I thought about the fact it was really never built. Not completely.
Nothing is ever really complete, we only strive for progress.
Progress is on my mind.
One-day-at-a-time progress.
While Carolyn is at home doing photoshoots of

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Tracy said...

I laughed out loud!!! Thank you.