Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What is the truth?
About two weeks ago Carolyn spotted a pit-bull running loose in our neighborhood. Well, to be exact he seemed to be sauntering more than running but it was enough to disturb her greatly. For night after night we had to answer the question "is the pit bull going to get us?" over-and-over.

Finally, weary of answering the pit bull queries, I had an idea. To be honest it was a total God thing, I was at the end of my proverbial-mothering-rope with pit bulls now invading my dreams, too. Then I decided to ask Carolyn about TRUTH.
I challenged her to tell me truth about the situation...
"What is the truth about Daddy and how he takes care of you?" I asked.
"He keeps me safe" she replied.
"What is the truth about our house?" I asked.
"We're safe in our house" she concluded.
I had her repeat it "We're safe in our house" about 10 times. I had her say it louder and louder until it was almost a game, but a game with a point. The rest of the evening every time she would start to ask about the pit bulls she would stop herself and repeat "we're safe in our house". She would remind Julia, and Julia would remind her. A few nights of this and it is (almost) a non-issue, though we still have to close the garage door as soon as we pull in the garage.
I've brought this little tool out, particularly when she is experiencing fearful thing, and it has worked very well. The other night she was watching satellites fly over with her Grandpa Chris and suddenly became concerned one would fall on her head. I asked her what the truth was about Grandpa Chris, and she quickly remembered, "Grandpa Chris takes care of me".
...Enter Monday morning sitting in the silence of Cubeville as I found myself worked into a near panic thinking about sweet Natalie and her little spine and VHL and what that means for her and her brothers and my girls and our family and ... and ... and. Suddenly the nudge, "what's the truth?"
The truth is that today everyone is healthy and happy.
The truth is we have the most amazing medicine available to us possible.
The truth is God has a plan and a purpose for sweet Natalie.
The truth is today is a good day.
The truth is God is here, now.


Matt and Jen said...

You have no idea how much I needed to hear that- thank you.

Za3tara said...

Josh and I are praying for Natalie and all of you. Great post btw.

Kari said...

It's funny how life's little parenting tricks come around full circle. Thinking of you and yours.

0812 Lane said...

goosebumbs just went all up and down my arms. you really should become a preacher - I mean it!

Joe said...

Katie, what a great intervention!(sorry, therapist mode). I'm going to remember this... It can be so easy to forget the Truth sometimes.

Tracy said...

I can't begin to tell you how much I loved this...and that IS the truth. Thank you for sharing.