Monday, July 5, 2010

We have snap, crackled and popped until we can fire-off no more.
The professional fireworks display on the old historic Independence Square included such highlights as Julia throwing up mid-firework because she had stuffed three full Twizzlers in her mouth after which she logically concluded, "I probably shouldn't ever do that again!"
The Sunday morning churhc service was supposed to be outdoors, but it looked like a chance of rain, so we gathered on our indoor soccerfield instead. It was {kinda} like being outdoors, and the kids were ecstatic.
Then the girls put on their patriotic attire for a big party at Grandma's house, including swimming and Snap-n-Pops. Then the long wait for dark at which time the rain could be held off no more, and we had to do sparklers in the rain...which was actually a very fine time indeed.

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Melanie said...

omg is one of your girls wearing that Korean Tea dress??! It just sold out last week ($10 on sale!) and I missed it. Boo. If you ever have a garage sale lemme know!