Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I went to bed in my work shirt - that I was going to wear the next day. I know, my mom is embarrassed now, but trust me, it was not something folks around Cubeville are unaccustomed to. And anyway, I wanted to sleep-in.
I did, in fact, sleep-in so well that I rolled out of bed with eight minutes to go and was out the door right on time. Had the girl at the McDonalds drive-thru not become thoroughly confused by who had asked for "no whip" on their mocha frap (ahem, that would be ME) I would have rolled into Cubeville right on time. As it were, I was a tad-ly bit late sporting my jammie/work shirt which had consequently unwrinkled in the obscene amount of humidity that is KC in summer.

Cubeville bore much good news pertaining to my future, and that was much appreciated as I'd become a bit jaded lately what with the heat and all. I needed a change of pace, and Cubeville delivered. I'm much obliged.
In celebration I did my usual lunch in the parking lot sipping on Cherry 7-Up (de-ee-licious), and munching on carrots dipped in ranch dressing. Occasionally I'd slip in a Flip-Side cracker/pretzel because they're amazingly delicious and make my day happy. Me, the asphault, and the
literature-of-the-day spent 30 warm and cuddly minutes basking in the gifts of opportunity and sunshine and pre-packaged cut vegetables dipped in slowly curdling dairy product.
As the day wrapped up I was challenged by Mars Hill's latest podcast and what God was saying in light of my good tidings from Cubeville. This is the stew I'm sitting in lately, this week anyway. I also did other Cubeville stuff that included making copies, and staring at my duel monitors wondering what Pa would have thought about all of this. I wonder that a lot.
As I made my Cubeville exit I prepared dinner in a flash with the following text to the Handsome one: "Chick fil a tonight?" He was agreeable, and thus we made another celebration of a good day over fried chicken perfection... me with honey bbq and him with honey mustard... we're so compatible.

It was only fitting I wrapped up my day of excitement and sweat with a visit to the dance studio to rehearse my Mom's-Only routine for the upcoming recital. A wall of floor-to-ceiling mirrors has always served as a good source of personal perplexion at the disporportionate length of my limbs, and the fact I dance like the awkward engineering mama that I am. I'm trying to get cool with all of those facts, you know, just be me... its a struggle to be sure.
The girls met me in the driveway at the end of the evening and we soaked in the water-colored sky God had blessed us with for all of our efforts to survive this smothering heat. It was worth it. We stood in awe, mouths gaping. It was a reverent gape.


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Jen said...

Congrats on the good news in Cubeville!