Tuesday, June 8, 2010

At a random McDonalds on the road between KC and St. Louis
Lady at McDonalds Counter: Can I help you
Me: We'd like two ice cream cones please
Lady: Will that be all?
Carolyn: Uh, well, you're not selling anymore of those poison cups are you?
Upon receiving a Dora birthday invite in the mail
Me: Julia! Who sent you an invitation?
Julia: The mean girl at school who pushed me!
Me: Oh dear, are you going to go?
Julia: Of course I am!
(true girl)
At Daddy-Daughter Dance class tonight
Nothing funny was said, but I did get to see my husband do the hand jive, and that was hot. Then we shared Baskin Robbins Ice Cream, literally we all passed the four cups around the table until two tutu'd princesses were full-up on bubble-gum-chocolate-rainbow-sherbert-cookies-n-cream goodness.
And upon waking from a nightmare last night
Carolyn: Mommy!?! I dreamt you released pit bulls so they would kill me...
but don't worry, it was only a dream!
Me: Oh my goodness, that is a very scary (and bizarre) dream!
Julia: What about me, what was I doing in your dream?
Carolyn: No Julia! You weren't in my dream!
Julia: *Huffing* Well, that's not FAIR!


Jen said...

LOL at the "poison cups" and Julia thinking it's not fair she was left out of Carolyn's nightmare! They are so cute, Katie.

Kari said...

Yup, I laughed out loud at the Dora invite and Julia's "huffing". :) Those two are such a pair!