Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Mother taught the children the joys of Youtube today - and it was glorious. They found Taylor Swift music videos so Carolyn could sing and the children were happy. I looked a bit schluppy because it's Mother's Day and that means Mommy can look schluppy and "fix" McDonalds for lunch - and because it was too cold to do much else than schlup on a sweater and speed through a drive-through anyway.
Now it is bedtime and I am trying to transition from schlup mode but it is just so familiar and comfortable, but alas Cubeville beckons and schlupping is frowned on.
It is also time to tell my mom that I love her. And I hope that Youtubing with her grandchildren and schluppy daughter was the best way she could imagine spending a blustery Mother's Day in 2010. And I hope she knows I love her so darned much that no cheesy greeting card could really sum it all up. To the moon-and-back as I tell my girls, ya, I love her that much!

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Jen said...

Happy Mother's Day, Katie! I'm glad you were schloopy on your day because that's what you wanted to do!