Thursday, April 8, 2010

There are many good reasons to invest in a membership to the zoo...
... perhaps the best one is making friends with the gorilla.
You will be seeing many a-picture from the zoo in the coming months, we got a deal through Cubeville and the girls are going to know all of the animals on a first-name basis before the summer is over.


Kari said...

I can't WAIT to take Mallory to the zoo again soon. Her reaction will be so much different than last year. Who knows when that will be ... we had 80 degree weather and shorts last week, yesterday it SNOWED an inch and was 32 overnight. Seriously WI?

Oh, and it's crazy to look at gorillas, you really get that "man inside a gorilla suit" feeling when you look into their warm eyes. I love it. :)

Matt and Jen said...

You can see Brandon in the reflection... cool shot.