Friday, April 16, 2010

Our huge box of Bead for Life beads have arrived!!! And oh my word are they gorgeous! I am now officially hosting a bead party for the next two months! I will be displaying them at my church and on my blog, possibly at my house if I find the time, to find happy owners who want to support this incredible cause (and get some beautiful jewelry, too!)
The girls helped me sort and count the inventory tonight - soon I will have B photograph some of my favorites and I'll share with you in case you're in the mood for a new necklace or other lovely accessory.
Curious about Party Hosting? Basically I gave them my credit card number (as collateral essentially), and in return they sent me a box full of beautiful handmade necklaces, bracelets and earings. They also sent tons of great materials on their cause including a DVD, CD of African music, African recipes, and brochures on who makes the beads, where the money goes, how the beads are made... great stuff. All I have to do is collect payment for the purchases, and at the end of my 'party' I send back the box of unsold beads and money for the sales. They pay the shipping both ways, so I am out nothing and I've gotten to help in a small way.

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Matt and Jen said...

I'm in... tell me how it goes and any suggestions and I will try to do one at school. Love you all- you humanitarian freaks!