Thursday, April 1, 2010

1. Reversible Felt Basket - made from a recycled cardboard fruit basket (hello Farmer's Market, I'm going to be on the prowl) and felt.... yes....felt. From Resurrection Fern.
Fruity Segments Embroidery Pattern - this very much needs to be embroidered onto a new kitchen towel for the summer, it would look lovely next to my pear cafe curtains. From Carina's Craftblog.
Salvaged Selvages Whale - Julia would love this whale as it would fit with the nightly reading of Jonah that she insists on every night. From Sew News.
Bunny Hat - There is a sweet girl I know who would look adorable sporting this hat on Easter morning! From Notes from a very red kitchen.
Ukrainian Eggs Made Simple - well, "simple" is relative, but these would be so fun to make in a few years when the girls are older and more patient...and so am I. From Design*Sponge.
Baby-in-a-Pouch - Carolyn and I will be making a multitude of these before Christmas to send to Mexico, we probably better start now! From Coloured Buttons.
Polka Dots Garland - Something about these just makes me smile, I could see Ross and Kate stringing these in a babies room in some creative way. From Between the Lines.
Easter Egg Diorama - So so so so cute. Again with the projects for a few years from now, don't let me forget about this one, its REALLY cool! From Matsutake.
Brown Bag Bird's Nest - This looks do-able, like even today we could do this tutorial. So we just might, and if we do, we'll take pictures because isn't it beautiful! From Alpha+Mom.


Sue said...

I've been planning in doing the paper bag birds nests too. Too beautiful outside to get to it... Maybe tomorrow.

trixi said...

Thanks for featuring my baby-in-a-pouch. I really love that reversible felt basket and am going to try and make one soon...I hope!
I love the way you set out your photos differently in all your posts. said...

I love the baby bunny hat. Just might have to make that one!

Sue said...

Made the nests. I've had paper bits attached to my feet all day.:) Prep takes some time; super fast to make; waiting to dry. Sure we will love them.