Friday, March 5, 2010

Sometimes I hit snooze until 6:20. Today would be a good example. And miraculously (or not so surprisingly if you saw my hair/makeup/outfit combo) I was walking out the door by 6:30. Make that 6:34, as a little child heard my ever-so-quiet teeth brushing and laid in front of the bathroom door to ensure her receipt of goodbye kisses and such.
Fast-forward through the terribly exciting commute, download of emails received overnight, and numerous attempts to wipe the sleep from my eyes... and then the texts arrived. Text messages (written correspondence sent to my personal cordless phone). These particular correspondence came with an accompanying photograph. Photographs of my children to be exact. My sweet children enjoying the budding of spring by taking walks in fresh air with ponytails (they love ponytails) courtest of the handsome one (he does the best ponytails, some dads might not dig it, but he's diggin it).
I thought about lamenting Cubeville...sunless, Spring-less Cubeville. But I thought better of it. There are days to walk in the sun, and days to dig into a spreadsheet and earn a living. Today I will earn, tomorrow we will play, and maybe someday I will get to play more and work less. We shall see.


Matt and Jodi said...

you and me both girl :)

Kari said...

You make me laugh. And good for Brandon, Casey is perfecting a mean ponytail himself. :)