Thursday, February 11, 2010

Four years ago we sent out Valentine's to our family. Nothing too exciting, just photo cards from shutterfly or the like.
This was the photo. C was smaller then, life was different. We lived in another state, we didn't know there was a Julia, there was no blog to share our dailys.
Four years ago I sat in my Grandma's kitchen chatting over a box of chocolates and the $10 bill she always gave each of us on Valentines Day (except the year we all got tickets to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles concert... I was probably 12, and at that moment I thought my Grandma was a serious contender for Sainthood).
On the Valentine's Day when this picture hung on her fridge, and she went on-and-on about Carolyn's expressions, I sat in the kitchen. In walked my Grandpa who quietly handed a Hallmark card sealed up in an envelope to my Grandma.
She looked surprised and said, "But you already gave me a Valentine's card!?!"
"I know" he smiled, "But I really liked this one, too"
I miss my Grandma - And I know he misses her so much more. What an incredible relationship they shared for so many years.
Honestly, I just hope, after 52 years of marriage, Brandon is still wanting to buy me one Valentine, let alone two!


Jen said...

Is C's sweater from Baby Gap? It looks very familiar! I've done that before, given my boyfriend two cards, because I liked both of them too much to choose!

Julie said...

You went to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Concert? That was my first concert ever! I still sometimes sing some of the songs...

Rachel said...

oh my gosh - she still makes this face! :-) How magical. :-)

Anonymous said...

This made we want to cry and smile at the same time... so sweet