Thursday, February 4, 2010

B had a photo meeting with a client at Starbucks tonight. I didn't feel like being alone. I am alone all day in my cube. In Cubeville. There are other citizens of Cubeville, but we're all in isolation.
So I asked "Can we please come along, we'll be good, I promise." He said 'sure'.
We sat at the table and did art, C, J and me. Mostly I watched, I'm not the artist so much. I tried to draw a princess for C. She told me my princess looked old and weird. My princess did look very old and very weird, I am trying to learn to hear criticism in a healthy way.
Then we read books in a big leather chair all cozy listening to some hip new tune that Starbucks always seems to find, that perfect make-me-wanna-come-back-and-spend-all-my-grocery-money-on-coffee music.
I decided I want to do this more. Be more intentional about finding a special little spot in the big huge world that feels cozy and leathery and all our own for an hour or so. Maybe next time it will be on a walking trail, or at the library, or on the beach somewhere (ahhh, the beach, when will we get to that sweet sweet beach?) Just sacred time to hold onto my littles and read stories or draw pictures or just "be" together - no agenda - just "be".


Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Lovely photo - and plan!

Stacy said...

I also long for a spot like that...

LenkaLovee said...

that's lovely. so peaceful. :)