Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I knew as soon as I showed my mother-in-law the Long Thread's Little House Pouch tutorial she'd be game to make one (or two).
We used all scrap fabric, and let Carolyn pick out her colors (if you can't tell). The shimmery teal door was her favorite, but I have to say J's more realistic and less-flashy pouch is my favorite.
Then I asked Brandon to photograph them so I could share and he and Carolyn got a creative with the photo shoot - she had to find a sun prop and a tree to go along with the Polly's who will now live in these pouches as they travel to-and-fro.


the long thread said...

These turned out so cute! And they really are Polly Pocket sized, aren't they? Very sweet. Thanks for sharing.

Nahl said...

soooo pretty!