Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This is my sister (and Harold). My non-blogging sister. She thinks blogging is sappy - or at least my blogging. And yet I will proceed to sap-a-blog for her because she worked for a good two hours on Sunday evening, as five loud children ran "hither-dither-and-yon" (as my Grandma says) to produce a life-size Harold (you know, from Harold and the Purple Crayon). All for the book birthday blowout coming this Saturday.
Isn't she talented? Thank you sister! From the bottom of my lame, sappy heart. I owe you one, and since my main talent-of-late is updating a blog - I think this is your payment. Hope it met your expectations. But seriously, I do love you a lot!
PS - Party invite images along with tutorials on how we made the party favors coming soon!

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