Sunday, November 1, 2009

I am really intrigued lately with the concept of interaction. Interaction with art. I heard about this interactive art display Emma Thompson is doing this week in NYC on NPR (listen here) to help people experience the suffering of a sex-trade victim. Intriguing.

This morning our church was filled with interactive displays on all sorts of amazing people who served Christ in their lives. The girls colored Noah's animals and glued them to his boat. They lit incense and learned about Zachariah. They crawled in a hole to see how Corrie ten Boom saved Jews during WWII. They wrote a prayer for slavery after learning about William Wilberforce. They took a rock from the Stephen display to remember his willingness to be stoned to death for Christ's truth. Intriguing.

I am really intrigued with the power of art. I think I might explore this more...there really might be something worth while in the sacred experience of interacting with art.

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