Thursday, October 1, 2009

Whatever could I be up to?
Among the fifteen balls I am trying to keep in the air this fall (figuratively speaking), the one that will be the most blog-worthy is the girl's birthday party. They co-celebrate, they are co-celebrants, they are turning another year older.
Back to the point, I am scanning images for this quarky idea I have for the invites. I might not sleep tonight actually, so that might be a little dangerous for my drive to work tomorrow. But the invitations will be awesome and that's all that matters. (For those of you who take me way too seriously...I will actually go to bed at a reasonable time because I am a mom and when you have your children the hospital injects you with the 'responsiblility-drug' that makes you think about things like going to bed at a reasonable hour - they usually mix it with a good dose of 'guilt-drug' to keep you from getting too cocky about how responsible you are.)

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