Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We've been trying to do with a little less meat.
Kind of for our health, kind of for our environment, kind of for our souls.
No legalism necessary, just a little extra effort a few nights a week.
So far pancakes are the cheapest and easiest option (not exactly healthiest).
And we've been exploring other options as well:
Monday it was Roasted Cauliflower and Pasta
with lots of bread and dipping oil.
Tuesday is was Tomato Basil Soup
with oyster crackers and cheesy bread.
Tonight my mother-in-law made Burritos
and that was delicious, too!
And out of the mouth of my babes:
- As B was just taking off his shirt..."Look Mommy! Daddy is fuzzy!"
- Describing Grandpa's trampoline..."I jumped on Grandpa's jump-oline!"


Ross Christopher said...

that is what she said.

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful picture of J! I've been trying to not buy any meat, and have found that while a little expensive, those fake ground beef things at the stores are actually really good. Josh eats them without complaining, so I wait till it goes on sale and buy a few and toss them in the freezer!