Friday, July 3, 2009

My aunt sat looking at my blog, "You haven't updated for like two days! You need to do that!" So Brandon shot this lovely picture of bra-less me (the WORST part of the whole gown experience) and my forgotten blog. Yes that is a lovely hospital bed, so fun in fact that C has decided that will be her Santa request come December...lovely.
You see, I went to the ER on Tuesday night with severe abdominal pain (remember the riddle I posed just a few days prior). The way-too-young-and-perky doctor told me it was "just reflux [wuss]" (I read the 'wuss' part into her tone) and told me to just elevate the head of my bed. I left, sad and frustrated.
The next day my doctor, sensing the amount of frustration and intense pain I was experiencing, admitted me to the hospital for several tests to get to the bottom of this nonsense. They put a camera in my stomach and did another test that required me to lay perfectly still on a plank for two hours (hope that was the last time for that one). In the end I lay looking at the surgeon who said "I think we should take out your gallbladder, don't you!?!" I just thought 'Go get 'em tiger, I just want some Long John Silvers, or Mexican, or both STAT'.
The surgery has been scheduled for Monday. They have let me come home for the holiday, however the pain intensity brought me to my knees last night at the hospital after eating a fairly bland meal, therefore I am restricted to chicken broth and jello only. I don't want to complain about the fact that tomorrow I will be around buckets of fried chicken, freshly smoked meats, homemade ice cream... ugh. I am grateful that the problem has been identified and I will be better soon.
I am grateful that we have a healthcare system that works, ever so slowly, but works non-the-less. In Mexico they do not administer pain medicine without an upfront payment. Thank God that isn't the case here or I would have us living in a van down by the river after last night's episode.
Sorry for the long update, and lack of information the last three days. I hope to post pictures from tomorrow. Carolyn has promised it will be her diving board debut!


Brooks said...

katie--so glad they figured out what the problem is. i know you are looking forward to getting the darn thing out! we're thinking about you!

Kari said...

I was going to post a comment to see if everything was okay ... I wondered about you after seeing your many Twitter updates (and lack of blog posts that seems to be SO not you). Glad you're on your way to feelin' better, Momma. :)

Melody said...

Oh Miss Katie girl, I am SO glad to see this post with detailed info. I follow you on Twitter and have been getting more and more concerned. When I saw the tweet about surgery I started praying. I am very, very happy they have finally identified the problem and are taking action! I will be in prayer for you throughout the day tomorrow for your surgery and as you recover, too. Hang in there. Jesus loves you!
"Acid Reflux" my foot!!!

Katie said...

Thank you my sweet, sweet friends for your kind words. So nice to have people who care!!! I will have Brandon tweet for me post-op so check the side-bar for an update. Surgery is at noon!