Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The doorbell rang and a friend delivered a huge bouquet of sunflowers. They lit up the kitchen and made me smile all afternoon. The little red roses by the couch didn't feel any competition, B had picked them with the girls as a surprise for me as I awoke from my surgery slumber. Flowers make me smile. Friends delivering flowers and food, and kind words and cards make me smile, too. Knowing that I feel like doing three loads of laundry today made me smile a lot. Eating whatever I want, including Long John Silvers, and feeling no severe pain afterwards makes me smile BIG. And watching my husband change all of the bandages on my swollen tummy without a look of total disgust made me smile the most (on the inside anyway, I was wearing the look of disgust on the outside because dang it is freaky).

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Kari said...

So happy to hear all went well and you're starting to feel like yourself again. (My question for kidney #2, appendix and gallbladders: why are you there if you're just going to cause problems? :) )