Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It was a long time coming, but she has finally embarked upon her dancing career. She beamed (glowed, was elated, thrilled, how else can I put it?) It was fantastic to watch her trying so hard, listening so intently, and following every direction as best as her little legs could. It was ... perfect.

Julia watched from my lap, and the teacher commented that she looks about the same age as her sister. The two year age difference is hardly distinguishable when they weigh exactly the same (32lbs per my parent's scale last night) and wear the same shoe size (8 1/2) according to the friendly Payless worker.

Why Payless? Because ballet slippers must be switched mid-class to tap shoes. And when you're adorable and four-years-old and totally bummed that the entire Payless store is carpeted but all you want to do is TAP - no worries, they will open up the tiled-floor employee lounge in the back and clap for you when you do a little number for them in your tutu and brand new taps!

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Kari said...

girls are SO much fun!