Thursday, May 7, 2009

Guess what celebrity look-alike she is going for?
Oh, and do you like the haircut?
She fell asleep on the ride out to ole' KU and woke with a celebrity-returning-from-rehab-attitude. I felt like a B-list celebrity myself, as an older attendee to the event asked me "Were you here when the war protestors burnt the Union down during Vietnam?" Seriously!?! Another older professor (one of my favorites) overheard me discussing Twitter and lifted his hands as though he was text messaging the air and proclaimed "I'm walking down the hall, now I'm going down the stairs, are you excited!?!" Old people either made my evening or spoiled it, I haven't decided which yet.


Kari said...

Hello Victoria! You are cracking me up lately! Yes, yes, cute haircut. :)

The Wednesday Weekly said...

@katie You can tell all those old people to suck it.#olds #suckit

Ross Christopher said...

Beckham or Katie Holmes Cruise...?

kate said...

i like that it can be either katie holmes or posh spice b/c they are one in the same as far as style...

also- that twitter commenter cracks me up. made me smile on this nasty rainy day.

oh- and i miss you!!