Monday, April 13, 2009

photo from Flikr
About a month ago I got the hankerin' to read the Little House series with the girls. I love Fancy Nancy and Curious George and all the wonderful children's books we have, but I got the itch to try something a little more involved, with thicker story lines. For Easter the girls were gifted the entire Little House Box Set from my mom - so we started last night.
Within the first few pages Carolyn was rivetted. I had my doubts about her attention span, or interest in page-after-page without a single picture. But no need to worry, her eyes were as wide as saucers and she was soaking in every last pig-bladder detail (see chapter one for more). As I read that Laura called her Mommy and Daddy "Ma" and "Pa" Carolyn decided "I am going to call you Ma and Daddy Pa now, too!" The first 20+ page chapter left her wanting more, so my poor throat endured another chapter of bear hunting and butter making.
This morning, as I was getting ready for work before the sun came up she whispered her request, "Can we please read one more story from that book before you go?" "Wait until bedtime tonight, we'll read more." And read we did, we have conquered more than half of Little House in the Big Woods at this point, should have it completed by the weekend. The box set may not last us through May, my throat may not last either.


Anna said...

ive been to many of Laura's houses, but i never read those books.

Rachel said...

my grandma read those to us when my sister and I were little, It was my favorite part about staying over at her house, your girls will love it!