Monday, April 20, 2009

"I love you sister" they giggled and repeated to eachother as their hug went on for minutes-on-end in a twisted-beautiful mess of little legs and arms. "I will always sleep next to you and cuddle you" the verbal, emotional C proclaimed. "Yeah" J simply replied. And thus I was greeted upon my return home from work. I thought back to Saturday night when my cousin spoke at her sister's reception "I'll never forget sleeping in the same bed, night-after-night talking about every detail of your day." Most of me hopes they never grow up, that Peter Pan will be on our doorstep tomorrow and we will all be taken to a place where little girls and their sparkling, innocent eyes never grown up. But the rest of me hopes that if they must grow up, it will be together, always giggling, always loving, always trusting, always sharing.

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