Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Today was:

preschool, {C was mad she had to wear a sweatsuit, not pretty enough!, but it's cold!}
and shipping, {thank you! thank you! thank you! all of the donations resulted in a huge box stuffed full - our friends in Mexico will appreciate more than you know!}
and cuddling, {a must for J on Mommy's day off}
and mentoring, {for me}
and napping, {for me, too, and the girls, but mostly me}
and acting, {Tuesday's highlight by far, and no sweatsuit per an earlier peace treaty}
and eating, {awesome coupon deal means no dishes for me and cheap din-din}
and talking to my brother so far away, {miss him}
and reading bedtime stories, {tonight was Snow White, 'Snow' for short}
and printing wedding invitations, {all done, hip hip hurray!}
and blogging, {nothing too spectacular}
and sleeping. {Happy Goodnight}

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