Thursday, March 12, 2009

So I've resorted to pure bribery in an attempt to keep four little legs and arms out of my bed at the strike-of-midnight (or a little past if we're lucky). I created these cute charts with blank boxes to be filled with stickers when an all-nighter is accomplished (all night in their own bed that is, in case my run-on sentences loose you sometimes). When asked to decorate them, my brilliant Carolyn filled in the boxes herself with lovely marker decor...nice try C.
In other news, I found this site extremely interesting about the concept of being 'poor'...check it out.
And you can watch this if your bored, and episode two if you're really getting a kick out of it - this is a spoof on the Real World based on people living together through their Lenten fasts gone terribly wrong and unspiritual, if that thrilling intro doesn't grab your attention maybe the fact that yours-truly stars as 'Katie - a somewhat neurotic hag' (it was a stretch, but I managed) will make you want to take a gander
PS - Does it bug you that I using a dash between strings of words that I think need emphasis as belonging together? Just noticed I do that a lot, hope it doesn't offend your grammatical-ness


Brooks said...

katie, i'm cracking up. if the engineering thing doesn't work out, just head to hollywood! ;)

Julie said...

don't worry about your dashes, I use the "..." way too much. :)