Monday, March 2, 2009

The 'House Dreams' have started again, and I mean that quite literally. I was completely exhausted this morning after dreaming all night that I had stumbled upon a five bedroom dream home for only $100,000. I was frantically searching the phone book for a bank to get pre-approved so I could make an offer and there were none to be found. The frustration was inexplicable. Is this my subconcious commenting on the current financial crisis or some unrealized desire for a dwelling all my own (a five-bedroom dwelling at that)?
The longer we wait, the more we save, the higher my expectations rise. When (or should I say 'if') the moment comes to purchase a home I don't know that anything will suit me. Most recently I've pondered the New Urbanism communities, which I have received many-a-frown on. And so I now think a prefab modern home tucked away in a sorta-remote piece of land could be nice(and by 'sorta-remote' I mean no more than ten minutes from a well-stocked grocery store). But don't freak yet Mom, the prefab numbers run about $250 per square foot, so much like my five bedroom dream, this too will have a rude awakening.

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